Virtual Calculator

You can download graphing calculator by visiting:

When you get to this page, you’re going to want to click on the link:

             TI-83 Plus SDK

This will start your download (file name: 83psdk_setup).

Save the file to your desktop.         

Click on the “setup” icon on your desktop to install the program. 

After installation you must restart your computer.  You will then see an icon on your desktop called “TI-83 Plus Flash Debugger“. 

To access the calculator, click on the “Flash Debugger” icon to start the program.

Do the following:
                   –  Click File –> New –> Ti-83 Plus
                   –  Click Debug –> Go
                   –  Click View –> Calc on Top
A calculator will appear on your screen.  Use your mouse to click the buttons.

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