Virtual Graphing Calculator

You can download graphing calculator by visiting:

When you get to this page, you’re going to want to download the file:

Save the file to your desktop.         

The actual graphing calculator program is inside of the zip file.  Open the zip folder and drag the folder “vti” to your desktop.  This is called extracting the files.

Inside the “vti” folder there will be a file, vti.exe.  Double click on this icon and follow the instructions on the screen.  When you click through all the screens you should be ready to go.



You can download the Wabbit Graphing Calculator App for free to your phone!  This should be just like the calculator we use in class.

If you download the free graphing calculator app for the IPHONE it’s going to look different, but it can do all of the same stuff.  Feel free to stay after and I’ll show you how it works.
Web Based
To use this page you’ll have to download a .rom file, which can be found at this link.